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 [23.06] CabalSEA 'The Beginning of the New NATION WAR'

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PostSubject: [23.06] CabalSEA 'The Beginning of the New NATION WAR'   Tue 30 Jun 2009, 1:08 am

Attention all Cabalists,

Within the mutated forest of Nevareth, the Altar of Sign appears once every 7 years. It is believed that within this Altar, there are many treasures waiting for those who dare venture within. And the greatest amongst these treasures is the Scroll of Destiny, a scroll that may grant its possessor the power to rule Nevareth. However, it has been prophesised that if the possessor of the scroll does not have the strength and purity to bear the power of the scroll, he will be overcome by an ancient evil spirit and bring only chaos to the land.

Three CMs, Dimetrus, Pyrros and Callero, were returning from a mission when they accidentally stumbled upon the Altar and the Scroll of Destiny that lay within. Unable to resist the temptation of power, they began battling for the scroll. Although CM Dimetrus finally obtained the scroll by defeating the other CMs, he was overpowered by the evil spirit and is now under its control. Worse still, the now evil CM Dimetrus has cast a mind-control over the other two CMs so that they’ll do his bidding and wreck havoc in Nevareth.

Brave fighters, prepare yourself as the battle for Nevareth draws near! Defeat any of the 3 CMs to save Nevareth and earn yourself the exclusive “Knock down GM” title!

Event Dates: 3rd July, 5th July, 8th July, 10th July. 12th July, 15th July, 17th July, 19th July, 22nd July, 24th July, 26th July, 29Th July & 31st July
WorldTimeChannel & Location
Mars1300HRS - 1400HRS24, Green Despair
Venus1600HRS - 1700HRS24, Green Despair
Mercury2000HRS - 2100HRS24, Green Despair
1. GM Buff for all participating players
2. “Knock down GM” Title for each outstanding Cabalist
“Knock down GM” Title - Additional Stats (HP: +50, Attack: +5 and Magic: +5) for 2 Months
Event Details
+This is an in-game event happening on 3rd July, 5th July, 8th July, 10th July. 12th July, 15th July, 17th July, 19th July, 22nd July, 24th July, 26th July, 29Th July & 31st July.
+Participating players are required to be at channel 24 to take part in the event.
+Before the start of the event, the CM will broadcast the rules and regulations.
+Once the event starts, CM will broadcast a message to inform all the players that the event has started and the channel that the event is being held.
+Players are required to kill any of these CMs, Dimetrus, Pyrros and Callero, to obtain the title of “Knock down GM”.
+The “Knock down GM” title will be granted to the player who lands the “last hit” on the mentioned CMs. This title will last for 2 months.
+The title will increase the following stats for 2 months: HP +50, attack +50 and magic
+Event will end at the stipulated time or when the CM dies whichever is earlier.
Rules & Regulations
+Players who use hack, offensive, sexual, abusive language, etc will be dealt accordingly to our User Abuse Policy.
+Players who attempt to disrupt the progress of the event will be given an in-game ban for 7 days.
+ All CMs’ decisions are final and binding.

- CABAL Events Administrator


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[23.06] CabalSEA 'The Beginning of the New NATION WAR'
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