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 [05.06] Game Client Patch 09/06

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PostSubject: [05.06] Game Client Patch 09/06   Tue 09 Jun 2009, 12:54 am

Dear Cabalists,

Please be informed that there will be a game client patch on
9th June 2009, from 1230HRS (+8 GMT) to 2100HRS (+8 GMT).

Game Service will not be available during this period of time. Please logout before this time to avoid any loss of items.

Game Patch includes:

Altar of Siena B1F (New Dungeon)

  • Entry Requirement - Character Level 135 or above, Battle Style Level of 11 or above
  • Entry Item - Siena’s Crest B1F, drops in the Lake Side and higher level map
o “Soul Ability” System

Soul Ability System is a new system that allows player to earn ability EXP
known as AXP. AXP can be earned along with EXPs. AXP will then be converted to AP which can be used to learn passive skills. Soul Ability System is an additional point system that is gained separately with EXP or Skill EXP; however there is a minimum level requirement (Level 120 or above) for it.

o Addition of Essence Rune

Essence Rune is item that can be used to learn passive skills or upgrade items such as cores.
They are gained from hunting and also tradable. Players will need to amass
AP in order to equip new Soul Ability, and to level their current learnt Soul Abilities along with other entities. There are total of 26 Runes available. You can only equip or learn maximum of 13 Essence Runes or skills. Essence Runes are tradable items and already equipped or learned Runes can be removed. Once the Rune is removed, it has to be learned again from LV. 1.

Addition of Soul Ability UI window

Short cut key “U” added for Soul Ability System

SIGMetal Set / SIGMetal Epaulet

These beautiful armors, are masterfully forged from the newly discovered
SIG-Metal. These can only be attained from the Altar of Siena B1F and only those who have reached the necessary level and skills will they be able equip them.

o Sub Password System
The new Sub Password System is a new system that will enhance the security of your account. This Sub Password system can be used for your
Character and Warehouse/Equipement.

  • When opening up a Sub Password UI, numbers from 0 to 9 are arranged randomly
  • Unable to input using keyboard when Sub Password UI is up
  • Input numbers will show as * (Asterisk Mark)
  • Clicking on ‘←’ button will act as a back space
  • Message will show upon failure
  • Client is forced to end the session upon failure of 5 counts (Account Block by default)
  • Account Block upon Failure: 5 Counts (Default, can be changed)
  • When the number of inserting incorrect password exceeds 5 times, account will be blocked (Disable to be blocked, can be changed)
  • Blocked accounts have to make a new password when re-login after administrator has released the block.
  • Account Block upon Failure: 5 Counts (Default, can be changed)
  • Time Configuration; Character: 1 Hour to 3 Hours & Equipment / Warehouse: None

Buff Capsule Cube added in Mission War

Players can earn ‘Hardness Capsule (LV 1)’ ~ ‘Hardness Capsule (LV Cool’ by mouse right clicking buff capsule. Items can be sold to NPC, however the item cannot be traded. There a total of 3 Buff Capsule Cubes; Low, Medium
and High for each different mission level.

Please be informed that Auto Patch will not be available for this content patch. Please download the manual patch from our official website which will be available from 09/06/2009 at 1300HRS(+8 GMT). We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

- CabalSEA Administrator


OhMyTian Guild site @ http://ohmytian.forumotion.net
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[05.06] Game Client Patch 09/06
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