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 [23.04] Asiasoft Gamefest 2009 Singapore!

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PostSubject: [23.04] Asiasoft Gamefest 2009 Singapore!   Fri 24 Apr 2009, 1:42 pm

Dear Cabalists,

CabalSEA will be organizing a competition and series of events this coming 22nd May to 24th May 2009 in Singapore! Of course, our Malaysian colleagues will also be planning one in Malaysia!

So what is the competition about?

“The Time Attack Dungeon Run – Lost World” will not only challenge your skills and teamwork as you pit yourself against some of the best teams in town!!

Date: 23rd May 2009 6pm – 7.30pm
Venue: Suntec City Convention Hall 603

Top 3 Prizes
1st Prize300,000 Cabal Cash
2nd Prize200,000 Cabal Cash
3rd Prize100,000 Cabal Cash

Registration (Coming Soon!)
1.Each team leader will register the team through his/her Asiasoft Passport.
2.Each team must consists of 5 party members (excluding the team leader) and 2 reserve members.
3.Team leader must fill in all the information required and make sure that all information provided are accurate (players are only allowed to use their registered character during the competition, no other unregistered IGNs are allowed).

General Mechanics
1.Each team should consist of 6 team members and 2 reserve members (all members must be from the same server) for the competition.
2.Dungeon for ‘The Time Attack Dungeon Run’ is the Lost World dungeon.
3.The event will take place in the LIVE server (Mercury, Venus and Mars).
4.Each team must choose to defeat the 'Queen Calamity' during the dungeon run.
5.Fastest team to complete the dungeon will win away the 1st prize!
6.Players who receive any SIG Metal weapons during the event will have a free +5 upgrade on the weapon.
7.Prizes will be credited within 7 working days after the results have been released.

Rules & Regulations
1.Applicable to Singapore Players only. Both verified and non-verified AP holders are eligible to participate in this event.
2.However, only verified AP holders will be able to claim their prize.
3.Players are only allowed to use their registered character during the competition. No other unregistered IGNs are allowed.
4.Contact number must be provided to the organisers and players are to be contactable at all times during the competition.
5.Participants will be assigned their respective seating positions at the competition venue.
6.The dungeon run will take part in respective servers that the team is in.
7.Players are to finalise all necessary preparations for their characters and
station them at the respective in-game location assigned by the Game Marshals.
8.Character preparations (e.g. levelling, inventory change etc) made after the
registration closing date will be reflected during the competition.
9.Players may still train for the competition after the closing date of registration. However, please note that any changes in character stats and inventory will be reflected during the competition.
10.The number of registration slots is limited. It will be a first-come-first-serve basis
11.No personal keyboards or other personal computer peripherals will be used.
12.Should any player run across any technical issue or require any adjustment,
please inform the Game Marshal for assistance. ALL ADJUSTMENTS ARE TO BE DONE BEFORE MATCHES.
13.No taunting, vulgarities or defamatory words are to be used in-game or in real-life. Anyone displaying such unbecoming behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in a disqualification.
Each match is allowed one restart in the event of match disconnection. In the event of further disconnection, the decision for the team to restart will be
based on Event Administrators’ and Game Marshal's decisions.
14.Event Administrators’ and Game Marshal's decision are final and binding.
Terms & Conditions
1.All participants are required to bring along their personal identification documents for verification. Only participants' identification document is accepted.
2.Queues and crowds are expected during the event and we seek your kind understanding and patience in this matter.
3.Participants found in breach of any rules and regulations may be disqualified.
4.The Management will not be held responsible for any loss of property, injury and/or death sustained during the event.
5.The Management is not responsible for any network or service issues caused by hardware or software failure.
6.This event is organised by Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd. All decisions made by the organiser may change at any time without prior notice.

Other than the competition, new gamers will also get to receive attractive in-game premiums. New gamers will receive a complimentary 10 days Platinum Service and *New Exclusive premium for this event.

Besides all of these, we are giving all loyal cabalists a chance to win away exclusive pets during this special event. 630 Platinum Pets will be given away free when player verifies their Asiasoft Passport with us! These 630 pets include 3 UNRELEASED platinum pets *exclusive for ASGF event only*. These Platinum Pets come with a time period and we are only giving away 210 Platinum Pets each day on a first come first serve basis. So, come join us and verify your Asiasoft Passport!

Last but not least, for players who purchase our CabalSEA prepaid cards during the event will get to join our SURE WIN LUCKY DIP. Each 10,000 CabalSEA prepaid card is entitled a chance to get rare and valuable in-game items which includes Slot Extender(High), Astral Board Zero Black (30 Days), Blessing Bead – Pet Exp 100%, Blessing Bead – Wexp 25%, Epaulet of Fighter +8, Epaulet of Guardian +8, Epaulet of Sage +8 and many other items…..

Can’t wait to join us? Remember all our premiums come in limited sets, so come down early!

- CABAL Events Administrator


OhMyTian Guild site @ http://ohmytian.forumotion.net
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[23.04] Asiasoft Gamefest 2009 Singapore!
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